Units of History - The Numidian Cavalry DOCUMENTARY

Documentary on Units of History - The Numidian Cavalry. Access history lectures with a free trial through our sponsor, The Great Courses Plus http://ow.ly/2QD730qWCMIWe continue our exploration of the famous units of history. In this documentary episode our focus is on the Numidian Cavalry of North Africa. The episode begins with the origins of this force as it emerged from the ancient tribal groups of present day Algeria, Numidia, and Tunisia. We talk about their societies and kingdoms which eventually mixed with their neighbors such the Phoenician colonies and Carthage. Next we cover their equipment and tactics in warfare. This involves the activities of an elite skirmisher force capable of inflicting lighting attacks on the campaign and devastating harassment in battle. We then discuss their service history under the Carthage Army during the Punic-Sicilian Wars with the Greeks, the Punic Wars with Rome, the Jugurthine War, and their ensuing service under the Roman army. We highlight specific records of their stellar performance under Hannibal Barca such as the Battle of Trebia, the Battle of Trasimene, the Battle of Cannae, and finally the Battle of Zama where they actually fought for Scipio Africanus.Sources and Suggested Reading:Carthage: A History by Serge LancelThe Carthaginians by Dexter HoyosCarthage's Other Wars by Dexter HoyosCarthage Must be Destroyed by Richard Miles#History#Carthage