How Much Do I Make From AlgoExpert? (250K Subscribers Q&A)

250K subscribers! What a milestone! Here's a Q&A as celebration, where I reveal how much I make from AlgoExpert, how much I make from YouTube, and more.0:00 | Introduction0:47 | If AlgoExpert died, would I go back to Google, Facebook, or another company?1:39 | AlgoExpert can only grow so much, so what's next?3:08 | What's my daily routine, and how do I manage my time?4:26 | What advice would I give to young people wanting to start their own tech company?6:09 | How did I deal with impostor syndrome at Google?6:36 | Will I ever attempt a Div 2 contest on Codeforces?6:55 | How much do I make from my YouTube channel?7:10 | When will I get engaged to AlgoGirl?7:20 | How much do I make from AlgoExpert?7:51 | How do I see AlgoExpert as a company in 5 years?8:16 | What programming languages have I touched/used?8:41 | If I knew I wanted to become a software engineer, how would I redo my college years?9:32 | How did we acquire our first customer on AlgoExpert?10:11 | What are my views on the Apple M1 chips?10:34 | What part of programming do I recommend for beginners?10:59 | How do you get a girlfriend as a software engineer?11:20 | Have I ever thought of doing a math series?11:46 | Do I drink or snack when I code?11:53 | When are those sick card trick intros coming back?12:10 | What would I say to someone who's thinking about creating a YouTube channel in tech?13:27 | What's a time when I went above and beyond the requirements for a project?13:42 | What advice would I give to a teen web developer who wants to work at Google?14:51 | Is there any chance that I'll start gaming again?15:33 | Have I been to Romania, my father's country?15:49 | While working at Google, did I know about Google Stadia?16:17 | What language and frameworks do we use on the AlgoExpert backend?16:22 | What is my best piece of general advice?16:45 | ConclusionDay In The Life Of video: https://youtu.be/XyG4Jp5s3-UWhy I Don't Have Impostor Syndrome video: https://youtu.be/JnZvhzAX9IEAlgoExpert: https://www.algoexpert.io/clemSystemsExpert: https://www.systemsexpert.io/clemMy LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clementmihailescuMy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clement_mihailescuMy Twitter: https://twitter.com/clemmihaiPrepping for coding interviews or systems design interviews? Practice with hundreds of video explanations of popular interview questions and a full-fledged coding workspace on AlgoExpert - https://www.algoexpert.io - and use the promo code clem for a discount on the platform!