Mazda CX-9 AWD roller test with Off-Road Traction Assist!

Time to hit the AWD roller test with the Mazda Cx-9 and the famous I-active AWD system! When paired with i-Activ all-wheel drive, the 2020 CX-9 is the first Mazda vehicle offered with the all-new off-road traction assist feature. Replacing the traction control button, this feature can potentially help the driver when adventuring on uneven terrain. When the diagonal wheels lose traction, off-road traction assist will stop reducing the engine torque and increases the brake force on the wheels without traction. This transfers power to the wheels still on the ground to help allow the vehicle to regain traction and continue the drive.Real-life test note: This was a bad day for testing since the weather was not collaborating, electric storms put a stop to that filming but you can get a clear idea oh how well the Off-road traction assist is better than ever in the Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD! We also figure out at the end that there is a small incline where we used to film this that cause the vehicle to slip even more on those wet cylinders. Consider that another challenge for the Cx-9! There was no Excessive AWD System Load warning message. This button Off-road traction assist button is also optional on the 2020 Mazda Cx-5, Cx-30, and Mazda Cx-9! And to add to the difficulty, it was raining a lot and slippery that day! Check out our AWD roller test of the Mazda CX-9 equipped with Off-road traction assist to find out what happens when we press on it!Car Question Ranking Chart:https://goo.gl/gY3x3KCompetition in the SUV / Crossover segment : GMC Acadia | Chevrolet Traverse | Jeep Grand Cherokee | Toyota Highlander | Honda Pilot | Hyundai Santa Fe | Kia Sorento | Subaru Ascent | Ford Explorer | Volkswagen AtlasMazda Cx-9 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAHnyv3_yWFZ08d_k6O4vvp6nr6-RHdrGMazda CX-9 Reviewhttps://youtu.be/hQPfYZpH8FcMazda CX-9 | 0-100kmh / 0-60mph Acceleration Test:https://youtu.be/Ok9oHP0ReS4Mazda CX-9 | Diagonal AWD test with off-road traction assist!https://youtu.be/hQPfYZpH8FcMazda CX-9 AWD roller test with off-road traction assist!https://youtu.be/LSrHhLW1aAM#mazdacx9#cx9#offroadassist#awdtest#mazda#mazdausa#mazdacanada#carreview#Carquestion#QuestionAuto#mthomassin#ajac@Mazda USA @MazdaCanada